Get Meme’d At The Mall, Play For Free!

In the spirit of banter, we at Zed Adventures are offering a lucky (or unlucky) person the chance to play for free @ ‘The Mall’ in Reading! 
All they need to do is end up starring in a Zed Adventures posted ‘Meme’d at the mall’ official picture, claim their face, prove they are the rightful owner of the face & make the picture their FB profile pic for 24 hours – what could be simpler!
During this Septembers & Octobers events, should you see a marshal with a camera, get your best ‘Airsoft Face’ on & if we deem it the best (or let’s face it, worst) attempt at airsoft, we’ll fire up the meme machine & post up the absurdity that is sure to be Meme’d at the mall.
You’ll have up until 6pm Sunday to claim your free slot
So, if you happen to see yourself looking awesome (awful) & wish to own up to it, fire us an email!

See you soon