Zed Adventures ‘The Mall’ is proud to announce our newest exciting step in combat sport!

Introducing the iCombat laser system, the most realistic weapon simulation in the world, in use with many Military and Police agencies around the globe.

This is a combat system that uses ultra realistic guns with actual recoil, noise, muzzle flash and hit detection but with no projectiles being fired!

Think airsoft but the ability to hit a target 200m away pin-point accurately and in an instant. Also think the same game styles plus so much more as the whole system is programable from the ground up. The same quality game experience you’d expect from Zed Adventures with the added benefits of:

• Muzzle Flash
• Actual Recoil and Sound
• Mag Changes
• Realistic Equipment
• Player Medic Modes
• Designated & Intelligent Respawn Areas
• Only Headshots Count
• Wireless and Intelligent
• No Uncomfortable Face Protection

Events will be available for booking shortly!

For more information please contact us on